Menu (table d’hôtes)

(Dinner à la carte is not possible, but we will take your desires as much as possible into consideration)

Prices are per person

Dishes à 13 €: ( for the arrival day only these dishes can be ordered, please ask upfront so we can foresee the necessary)
Pasta pesto
Spagetti bolognese
Caesar salad
Portion for children till 12 years: 6,5 €

Dishes à 17,5 €
Home made beefstew
Homemade vol-au-vent
Fillet of tenderloin with a sauce,
Chicken with pesto, cream sauce and paprika
Served with fresh french fries and vegetables
Chickenbreast with pesto, mozarella, tomatoes ,
Chickenbreast with pesto, ratatouille vegetables
Served with rice or risoni(greek pasta)
Portion for children till 12 years: 8,5 €

Dishes à 21 €
Fish dish
Fish in papillot
Served with vegetables, fresh french fries or potatoemash

Steak Stroganoff with french fries

Portion for children till 12 years: 10,5 €
Or they can choose fish fingers or a fishburger, served with fries and some vegetables

Vegetable dish à 17,5 €
Portion for children till 12 years: 8,5 €

Starters: 7 €
Ham with melon and porto
Tomato / mozzarella
Day soup
Chicory boats with 3 different salads
Peach with tuna
shrimp croquettes

3-course menu à 30 € – fish or meat: 34,5 €
Entree, main, dessert.
We can adjust the menu for children till 12 years à 15 € and 17 € for fish

Specials à 32 €
Salades, sauces, bread included
Children till 12 years: 16 €

Small dessert map: 7 €
Crème Caramel
Crème Brulée
Dame Blanche
Mousse au Chocolat
Coupe Advocaat
Mouilleux au Chocolat

Kids 3,5 €

Kids-menu’s: 9,5 €
Cheese croquette
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Spaghetti Bolognaise

Packed lunch: 6,5 €
Children till 12 years: 4€

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